Vertical Blinds

For the perfect balance of light, privacy and of course style, take a look at Vertical blinds. Providing fingertip control over shading levels, they allow sunlight to gently filter into your room while keeping prying eyes out.

Key Features:

  • Widths 90mm or 127mm

  • Vast range of colours

  • Ideal for light control

  • Easy to use

How to Install

The Vertical System is an extremely practical head rail system. It provides an easily-fitted and efficient method of light control and millions of these head rails are fitted throughout the world. The materials of construction are aluminium and specifically developed plastics. The gears, which rotate the louvres, are self-aligning. This permits good closure without strain on the mechanism.

All our fabrics in our range are specifically designed and manufactured for Vertical blinds, with a wide variety of colours and textures. Limited fabrics are available in 90mm or 127mm.

Minimum: 565mm

Maximum: 2825mm

If you require measurements outside these parameters of these suggested measurements, please contact one of our representatives as there may be more complex factors to consider.


Vertical Blinds are self-lubricating and require minimal maintenance. However, the occasional application of silicone spray lubricant ensures efficient long-term operation. Fabric Louvres can be lightly sponged with a very mild detergent solution to clean.

Colour Swatches

We add colours and ranges all the time! To see more click here, and contact your nearest available agent to see samples

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